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Position Category Student Support Services
Position Type Certified- Full-time
Posting Start Date
Posting End Date
Position Start Date
School District Lawton Public Schools
City, State

Lawton, OK
United States


Credentials: Teacher Certification or Licensed Mental Health Professional
Education: Bachelors in Education or equivalent
Supervisor: District Administrator
Salary: TBD
Days: TBD

Communication skills (oral, written, or business): Basic communication skills to exchange information
give/receive simple to more complex instructions and respond to inquiries including filling out forms.
Knowledge of grammatical structure, vocabulary for preparing correspondences from rough draft or
proofing to completed material. Communicates in clear, grammatically correct, English. In addition to
above, composes correspondences: trains and directs others and provides complex instructions. Must
use creativity: may make public speeches or presentations. Reading and Interpreting: Reads and
interprets complex and sensitive/confidential records/IEPs and other medical records. Technology:
Experience in the use of technology in order to maintain and track documentation of MTSS support for
students. Must also be able to communicate with others inside and outside of the district.

1. Strong facilitation, coaching, conflict resolution and problem solving skills
2. Ability to promote and follow Board of Education policies and other district department procedures
3. A high level of organizational skills and initiative
4. Strong communication skills
5. Experience and training in Multi-Tiered System of Supports
6. Ability to build relationships with staff and stakeholders
7. Familiarity with educational organizations and school based services preferred

Site: Various

Purpose of Position:
The MTSS Leader position will work closely with the building administrative team, AWARE staff, as well as
the building school counseling team and Mental Health Intervention Teams to coordinate, facilitate, and
implement mental health support services for students and staff members. The MTSS Leader will work
with a district-level administrative team and AWARE staff to coordinate MTSS support across the district.
The MTSS Leader will coordinate initiatives at district and site levels to enhance the learning environment
for students and staff within the school district.

Required Qualifications Credentials: Teacher Certification or Licensed Mental Health Professional
Education: Bachelors in Education or equivalent
Include the following materials with your application: Resume
Include the following materials with your application: Teaching/Administration Certification
Application Instructions Please apply by clicking on the link provided. Posting is vacancy #658.
Contact Name Dolores Anderson
Contact Email