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Middle School Science/Coach

Position Category Teaching - Middle School
Position Type Middle School Science/Coach
Posting Start Date
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Position Start Date
School District Commerce School District I18
City, State

Commerce, OK
United States


1. To maintain any certification required by the State Board of Education;
2. To observe all the rules, regulations and policies of the Board of Education;
3. To perform such duties and directives as the Board, Superintendent, or Principal
may require;
4. To make all reports, registers, and records called for by the Board,
Superintendent, or Principal;
5. To preserve in good condition and order all school property coming under the immediate supervision of the Teacher;
6. To be at assigned duty stations at times set by the Board or administration;
7. To attend all meetings called by the administration;
8. To cooperate effectively with co-workers in all duties;
9. To comply with the provisions of the Oklahoma School Code;
10. To. Keep abreast of all school policies.
11. To maintain the minimum criteria for effective teaching as adopted by the State
Board of Education, as well as local standards of teaching.
12. To implement the district curriculum as approved by the local board of education
and directed by district administration.

Required Qualifications State Certification
Include the following materials with your application: Cover Letter
Include the following materials with your application: Resume
Include the following materials with your application: Reference List
Include the following materials with your application: Teaching/Administration Certification
Application Instructions Email - John Medlin - and/or Steve Moss -
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Contact Name John Medlin
Contact Email