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Practical Nursing Instructor

Position Category Career and Technical Education
Position Type Instructor - Adults
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School District Great Plains Technology Center
City, State

Lawton, OK
United States


Job purpose
The primary responsibility of the teacher is to teach his/her assigned courses to the best of his/her ability. This responsibility is greater than all other responsibilities assigned. The teacher shall devote all of his/her professional capabilities, time, and talents to provide a program of meaningful learning opportunities to each student. The coordinators of special services shall do the same in their assigned areas.

Some Defined Duties
1. It is the duty of the teacher/coordinator to stay informed concerning the rules, policies, and regulations governing the Great Plains Technology Center and insure that these rules, regulations, and policies are adhered to by all students.
2. During school hours, teacher/coordinator shall devote their time exclusively to school duties. Teachers/coordinators shall not work on personal projects during the hours they are in charge of students. Reports and plans are to be worked on during planned preparation periods. Teachers will provide an instructional plan for substitute teachers for all absences.
3. Teachers/coordinators shall be responsible for the discipline/control of their students, but may consult with the administration when it is necessary to do so. Teachers shall document all teacher initiated actions.
4. Teacher’s hours are assigned by administration. Employees are expected to be at work the entire time they are scheduled and shall require administrative approval to leave early.
5. Instructional support staff hours are 7:45 am to 4:15 pm or as assigned.
6. Teachers/coordinators shall be responsible for the proper care of all books, apparatus, computers, supplies, tools, equipment and furniture furnished by the school district.
7. When an employee finds it necessary to be absent from duty due to illness or unavoidable cause, he/she shall notify the appropriate administrator and the school receptionist at the earliest possible time. This should be done before 7:15 AM. Arrangements for substitutes will be made through the administration office. If it becomes necessary to be absent more than one day, the Administration is to be notified by 3:00 PM the day preceding the next absence so the substitute can be requested to return. A current Emergency Lesson Plan must be on file with administration to cover emergency absences.
8. Teachers/coordinators will not loan or borrow GPTC property without the Superintendent/CEO or his designee’s approval.
9. The teacher/coordinator will be responsible for the assessment of students according to policies and instructions given by the Board of Education through the Superintendent/CEO.
10. In order to maintain employment, it is the responsibility of the teacher/coordinator to meet certification requirements and provide official, up-to-date transcripts and current teaching credentials to be maintained in their personnel file. It is also the
teacher/coordinator’s responsibility to meet industry specific continuing education requirements by April 1 of each school year as set by program accreditation standards.
11. It is the responsibility of teachers/coordinators to supervise the activities of their students at all times, especially while students are working in the shop area and/or on live work. During breaks and other times that the teacher is out of the shop, work on equipment shall be stopped and the shop will be locked. No one is to be left working in a shop or lab during break time.
12. It will be the responsibility of the teacher/coordinator to utilize an approved electronic grade book system to allow students and parent access to student academic information.
13. It is the duty of the teachers/coordinators to attend all educational meetings called by the Superintendent/CEO or designee and to cooperate with them in the development of the educational interests of the school.
14. It is the duty of the teachers/coordinators to support the instructional program of the school and actively participate in all programs, meetings, and activities called by the administration for the purpose of developing, adapting, revising, or otherwise improving instructional materials and practice.
15. It is the duty of the teachers/coordinators to properly receipt all money received for school purposes and turn in all money collected to the Business Office for deposit during the day the money is received.
16. It is the responsibility of the teachers/coordinators to have an active advisory committee and meet in compliance with the Board of Education policies.
17. It is the responsibility of the teachers/coordinators to develop, review, update, and maintain a current Course of Study and Teaching Plan. A Competency Profile is required for programs without a state-developed occupational competency test or industry certification test. The Course(s) of Study shall be reviewed and updated as needed by the Director of Instructional Support Services and submitted to the ODCTE for annual approval. The Competency Profile, if required and the Teaching Plan shall be submitted to the Instructional Leader for review and approval on an annual basis.
18. Teachers/coordinators and designated Student Support personnel should assist students in developing a suitable Student Career Portfolio that showcases the knowledge and skills attained while attending the Great Plains Technology Center.
19. It is the duty of the teachers/coordinators to sponsor and actively promote the student organization designated for that program and to participate in activities designated by administration.
20. Teachers/coordinators will maintain an atmosphere of respect and diplomacy while treating each student as an individual. Teachers/coordinators will also demonstrate an empathetic attitude toward personal problems of each and every student.
21. Teachers/coordinators will be supervised and evaluated by their respective supervisors according to the approved state department evaluation system and the following list of local standards: a) Teachers will have a current Course(s) of Study on file, to include a district approved grading pattern. The grading pattern will include employability grades, performance grades and test grades. A minimum of two grades shall be recorded for each student per week. The Superintendent/CEO must approve exceptions to this policy.
b) Teachers will record grades on a weekly basis in the district approved electronic grade book program.
c) Teachers without a state-developed occupational competency test or industry certification test will develop and utilize a Competency Profile to document the student’s competency attainment and certification achievement.
d) Teachers with a state-developed occupational competency test or industry certification test will administer competency and/or certification testing to students who have completed skill related training defined by the ODCTE and/or specialized national and state accrediting bodies.
e) Teachers will prepare a Teaching Plan that is approved by their Instructional Leader by August 31 each year.
f) Teachers will prepare an Emergency Lesson Plan for substitute teachers in case of an unplanned absence and keep on file in the green binder. The instructional Leader must approve the Emergency Lesson Plan.
g) Teacher will utilize the board-approved student accounting system for daily attendance.
h) Uniforms will be worn in designated training programs.
i) Teachers will prepare/update a Long Range Strategic Plan and keep a copy on file with the Accreditation and Planning Coordinator and Instructional Leader.
j) Teachers will use the Substitute form when a planned leave of absence is necessary.
k) Each program will have a minimum of five advisory committee members that support and represent all aspects of the industry. Instructors will utilize the school-approved Advisory Committee Minute template to store agendas, meeting minutes, and record advisory committee member attendance.
l) As required, instructors will work toward a state or nationally recognized industry certification, i.e., MCSE, Certified Cisco Network Administrator, A+ Certification, or ASE Certified Technician, PN, RN, or National Board Certified Teacher.
m) Teachers will provide instruction to their students on “Job Seeking” training and resume writing, and help students build an occupational portfolio.
n) Teachers will promote professional development to students through program CTSO’s.
o) Teachers will be responsible for supervising OJT activities for those students on OJT.
23. It is the responsibility of teachers to keep records and to make such reports as may be required by the Superintendent/CEO or his/her designee.

Contract Length
12 month, Full-time

Direct reports

Application deadline
June 18, 2023

Employment Benefits Include: 100% paid health insurance; paid vacation; paid sick leave; paid school holidays off; tuition reimbursement; 100% paid contribution to teacher’s retirement.
Great Plains Technology Center is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Required Qualifications Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Unencumbered RN license in the state of Oklahoma
Two years of nursing experience as a RN
Include the following materials with your application: Resume
Application Instructions Please apply on our website
Contact Name Human Resources
Contact Email