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Elementary Dean of Students

Position Category Administration
Position Type Elementary Dean of Students
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Position Start Date
School District Nowata Public Schools
City, State

Nowata, OK
United States


Nowata Public Schools is seeking a passionate Elementary School Dean to join our leadership team. The Dean will work collaboratively with the principal, teachers, staff, students, and families to promote a positive school culture, provide effective student support services, and ensure the overall success and well-being of our students.

Collaborate with the principal and other administrators to develop and implement school-wide policies, procedures, and programs that promote academic achievement, student well-being, and positive behavior.
Oversee the implementation of a comprehensive student support system, including behavior intervention strategies, counseling services, and academic support programs.
Provide leadership and support to teachers and staff in the implementation of effective classroom management strategies and positive behavior interventions.
Collaborate with teachers, parents, and outside agencies to identify and address the individual needs of students, including those with academic, behavioral, or social-emotional challenges.
Conduct regular assessments of school climate and student behavior data to identify trends, areas for improvement, and opportunities for intervention.
Coordinate and facilitate parent education workshops, family engagement events, and community partnerships to support student success and strengthen school-home connections.
Serve as a resource and advocate for students and families, providing guidance, support, and referrals to appropriate services and resources as needed.

Required Qualifications Valid teaching certification/licensure
Previous experience in a leadership or administrative role preferred
Strong knowledge of child development, behavior management strategies, and best practices in student support services
Excellent communication, interpersonal, and collaboration skills
Ability to build positive relationships with students, families, staff, and community members
Commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion in education
Include the following materials with your application: Resume
Include the following materials with your application: Reference List
Include the following materials with your application: Teaching/Administration Certification
Application Instructions How to Apply:
Please email all application documents and/or direct any questions to Monae Thompson, Elementary Principal, at

Nowata Public Schools is an equal opportunity employer.
Contact Name Monae Thompson
Contact Email